Dialing Rules

To call a Station on campus, simply dial the 4-digit campus number.

For Weakley County Local calls, dial 9 for an outside line, then the 10-digit local number.

For Long Distance calls billed to your department, dial 9 for an outside line, 1 for Long Distance access, then the 10-digit number.

Long Distance is billed at 10 cents a minute.  If a number you are calling has a 731 Area Code, it is suggested you try dialing your call as a Local number first.  If the call doesn't go through (you get a fast busy or hung up on), then you will have to dial it as Long Distance.  

Note that the Courtesy Phones throughout campus can not make directly dialed Long Distance calls.  Also, some departments have requested that certain phones they have in their offices not have Long Distance access.


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