Connecting Game Consoles to the UTM Network

To connect consoles to the UTM Network you will first need to get your console connected to the network Skynet PSK. The password is a shared key across campus. 

Shared Key: SafeFallCity!9

After entering the password and getting connected to SkyNetPSK, on a laptop or cellphone browser, you will go to the Console Registration Page to register your device (example of the page below). You will enter your UTM username, password, and the MAC address of the console you are wanting to get connected to the network. It will take 30 seconds to register the device and after it should be connected! 

If you run into any trouble or see problems with this form, please call us at 731-881-7900. Have your device's MAC address available. 


This is a picture of the UTM Console registration page with an arrow to the username, password, and the MAC Address.


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