NetID Password Creation/Reset


  • User needs knowledge on how to setup or reset NetID password


  • Web Browser


  • User needs a NetID password reset or setup for the first time


Finding Your Net ID

To find your NetID, go to and search for your name. Your NetID will be listed on your contact card. If your name does not come up, your record may be marked as confidential, please call the Help Desk at 731-881-7900 to get assistance with finding your NetID. 

Setting Your Net ID Password

Note: If you have never to set up a password for you Net ID, you will need to use the First Time Setup. Remember that the NetID account is separate from your UTM account. 

First Time Setup

To set up your Net ID password for the first time, go to // New passwords will take 15 minutes for your new password to take effect.

Net ID Password Resets

If you can't remember your Net ID password or if your Net ID password has expired, you may be able to reset it using one of the methods below.
Online Password Reset (available if you enabled it when you set your password)
Initial Password Setup (you can only use this method once)


  • If you have trouble setting up or resetting your NetID, give the HelpDesk a call at 731 881 7900 for assistance.


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