VPN - GlobalProtect VPN for Windows

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  • How to install and connect to VPN for Windows users.


  • PC/Laptop running Windows 10


  • Membership in appropriate AD group


Go to https://wormhole.utm.edu in a web browser, log in using your AD credentials

GlobalProtect Portal Login


Download and install the appropriate GlobalProtect Agent.

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Once you have installed it you will find it in your system tray (lower right corner by the clock).


If you don’t see the little globe you may need to expand the system tray

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Enter wormhole.utm.edu as the portal address and click connect.

GlobalProtect Conneciton Prompt


You will be prompted for your AD credentials

GlobalProtect Authentication Screen


You should then be connected to the VPN

GlobalProtect Connected Screenshot


  • Students are cleared from VPN access after each semester ends.



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