Adding Authorized Users in Touchnet


  • How to add authorized users to a Touchnet account.


  • Windows/Mac


  • An authorized user is needed for setting up fee and tuition payment by someone that is not the student. 


  1. Log into your UT Martin Portal Account
  2. Under the UTM Apps section click on Touchnet. This will automatically sign you into the Touchnet.
  3. On the right hand side you will click on the Authorized Users button
    • Touchnet Shortcuts
  4. Click on Add Authorized User
    1. Here you will type in their email and set permissions on what you want your authorized user to see.
    2. Authorized Users Permissions
  5. Read through the agreement and click continue when you are ready.
  6. The system will automatically send an email to the address you typed with an access link, username, and password.
    1. Once they receive the email the account is ready and the Authorized User can view billing, payment, etc. This login is for Touchnet only.


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