Email Forwarding Request

What is this service?

Beginning Dec 14, all UT faculty and staff will no longer be able to automatically forward their university email to a personal email address.

 Who Is Eligible for This Service?

UTM faculty and staff who are currently forwarding their university email to a personal Gmail account should consider using their UT Gmail account for university business as soon as possible to ease the transition. 

View a current list of all approved and denied forwarding domains. 

 Where Can I Get This Service?

Select Request Service on this page.

What information will I need to provide?  

We continue to evaluate the use of auto-forwarding for work-related exceptions to select .edu, .gov, and .org email accounts. We do not anticipate allowing forwarding to .com and other personal email addresses. Requests for email forwarding can be submitted by selecting Submit a Request on this page. 

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Wed 12/1/21 10:27 AM
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