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Printing a PDF from a Mac to a copier with departmental codes.
One way to ensure that important sensitive document stay secure is to scan to a thumb drive as opposed to sending it over e-mail. This article will show you the steps to take in order to do that on a Toshiba or Konica Minolta copier that you have access to on campus. Other types of copiers will have this function as well, and the steps should be relatively similar.
Here we show several ways to print to a local printer from IRIS when an IRIS-defined network printer is not available to you. This is not the preferred method and cannot be guaranteed to work every time. Using a departmental networked printer or copier is highly recommended when printing from IRIS to ensure high-fidelity prints every time.
Scan to email is secure enough for general use, but not for HIPA, PII, or FERPA documents. Use a USB or the UTK Vault for such documents.
Common causes of paper jams.
Clear print queue to resolve some printer errors.
Steps for making changes to copier email addresses.
Setting up Department Codes for either Toshiba or Konica Minolta devices.
Walks you through adding an e-mail to the address book on a Konica Minolta MFD for ease of access when scanning to e-mail.