Canvas, Zoom, Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor, and Akindi Test Importer.

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Instructions for Faculty using Instructional Software and Platforms


Instructions for Students using Instructional Software and Platforms

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Canvas LMS (Getting Started)

This page contains links to Canvas Guides

Courses Disappeared from Dashboard

This article is to show how to retrieve your course and add them back if they seem to disappear from the Dashboard.

Proctorio: Instructions for Faculty

Proctorio: Instructions for faculty to refer to in setting up Proctorio exam integrity software.


Support links for all aspects of QuestionPro

Turnitin Similarity

The article explains the new plagiarism software Turnitin Similarity

Why are my courses not appearing on my Canvas dashboard?

The link provides instructions on how to "favor" courses so that the courses appear on the user's dashboard.

Studio User Guides

The article contains a link to Canvas User Guides that apply to both faculty and students.